Grub Control & Prevention

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To combat grubs, we apply the best treatment on the market to your entire lawn—it gets rid of grubs and keeps them away.

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We use only the best grub control for your lawn, so you can get rid of grubs and keep them away.


Grub Control Applications For Control & Prevention

How It Works

To handle grub control and prevention, we apply the number-one recommended treatments by your local university cooperative extension to either control or prevent grubs from living in your lawn, shrub beds, and property perimeters, depending on your situation—any place that grubs could attack.

What It Controls

This treatment controls white grubs (including larvae of Asiatic garden beetles, black turfgrass ataenius, chafers, Japanese beetles, May or June beetles, and oriental beetles), mole crickets, European crane fly larvae, annual bluegrass weevils, aphids, billbugs, bluegrass weevils, and many more common insects found in turf.  

What It Costs

See pricing above for our grub control application.

Grubs are “silent killers”—since they feed on the roots of your lawn and plants, it’s not always easy to spot them before they’ve destroyed your entire lawn. And, if you have grubs, you may also encounter animals that eat them—animals that dig through your lawn to find them (and bring ticks along, too).

We know that you want your lawn to be healthy, beautiful, and safe for your family to enjoy. That’s where our grub control application comes in.