Tick Control in Wenonah, New Jersey 08090

Tick Control in Wenonah, New Jersey 08090

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Ten miles south of Philadelphia, Wenonah is a popular commuter town for people who live and work in the big city. It was founded as a resort town, due to the proximity of the Mantua Creek, but as Philadelphia expanded the tourists were soon replaced by residents.

A close-knit community, one issue that bothers residents of the town is the higher-than-average incidence of tick bites and Lyme disease. This is caused mostly by small mammals and wildlife bringing ticks into resident’s yards and gardens – where they pose a risk to children, pets and homeowners.


Tick Control in Wenonah, New Jersey 08090

  • Risk Factor: Ixodes Scapularis ticks carrying b. burgdorferi (Lyme disease), babesia microti (bebesiosis) bacterium and Rickettsia rickettsii (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever)


  1. Using Damminix tick tubes can help mitigate the danger posed by the mice and small mammals that serve as vectors for infected ticks.
  2. A yard spray for ticks can help eliminate ticks at all stages of their life-cycle. Call Aspenn Environmental Services to discuss your tick control options – call our New Jersey office on 1-888-881-BUGS (2847) to discuss which one works best for you.