Spider & Insect Sticky Traps

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Our sticky traps will help you get your spider and bug problems under control.

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Spider & Insect Sticky Traps

We use only the best glue traps to help you get your spider and insect problems under control.

How It Works

Our glue traps, that come pre-baited with irresistible attractants like molasses and vanilla scents, fold into rectangle or triangle shapes that are easily placed under beds, behind sofas, or other areas where crawling insects may be a problem. When an insect crawls into the trap, they get stuck in the glue and are unable to get loose. And when that happens, those insects become live spider bait—which means you’ll catch all kinds of crawling insects with these traps.

What It Controls

These sticky traps attract and catch spiders (including brown recluse spiders), roaches, and other small insect pests.

What It Costs

See the pricing above for up to 288 boards (864 traps). For more than 288 boards, call for wholesale pricing—we also offer private labeling.