Deep Root Treatment

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We apply treatments directly to the root zones of shrubs and ornamental trees to provide them with the nutrients they need to be as healthy as possible.

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Feed your trees, shrubs, and flowering plants, and get ready to see richer color and fuller blooms in your landscape. 

Our treatments guarantee beautiful results.

Deep Root Treatment

If you’ve ever wished your ornamental trees and shrubs could look fuller and more vibrant, our deep root injection treatments are just what you’re looking for.

How It Works

To provide shrubs and ornamental trees with the nutrients they need to be as healthy as possible, we apply our treatment directly to the root zones. Doing so makes your shrubs and trees look their absolute best!

And, when necessary, we can also add an insecticide to the treatment to prevent future insect damage.

What It Treats

Aspenn Environmental’s deep root treatments are for hemlocks, arborvitaes, japanese maples, and other flowering and non-flowering ornamental trees and shrubs.

Cost Of Deep Root Fertilization

To get an estimate for deep root treatments, please call us for a consult and a quote. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than gazing upon beautiful ornamental trees and shrubs in your own backyard. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if your trees and shrubs could look even more beautiful? They can!