Damminix® Lyme Tick Control

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Damminix Tick Tubes® take advantage of the nesting instincts of mice to handle tick control.

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Looking for tick control that focuses on Lyme disease prevention?

We specifically target ticks that carry Lyme disease.

Thankfully, protecting your family from ticks doesn’t have to mean locking everyone inside. Here’s how our Lyme disease tick control service can help.

Damminix® Lyme Tick Control

You need to limit your exposure to ticks to reduce the likelihood of contracting Lyme disease.

To accomplish that, you want an intelligent tick control solution that lets you, your children, and your pets safely enjoy the outdoors. Your solution is Damminix Tick Tubes®, along with our number-one recommended tick control spray treatment to protect you from all other types of ticks.

How It Works

Damminix Tick Tubes® are an effective, safe, and environmentally sound product designed specifically for the control of Lyme disease-carrying ticks. Damminix Tick Tubes® were developed at a leading Lyme disease research laboratory at the Harvard School of Public Health. They are based on the scientific study of ecology of the deer tick and the field mouse.

It is well known that deer spread ticks infected with Lyme disease. However, did you know that these same ticks get Lyme disease from mice—not deer? Damminix Tick Tubes® rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice to take the battle to the source and deliver tick control permethrin directly to this animal and the ticks they infect.

What It Controls

Damminix Tick Tubes® are used for Lyme disease tick control.

What It Costs

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Specifically Localized Treatment

Each mouse nesting with Damminix Tick Tubes® can kill hundreds of ticks each season. Studies have shown that Damminix Tick Tubes® actually reduce the risk of exposure to an infected tick by up to 97% on a treated property.

Now you can take back the outdoors!