Ticks are blood-feeding parasites found throughout America, especially the northeastern United States. Carrying a variety of tick-borne illnesses – including Lyme disease, babesiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever – they post a serious health risk to you, your family and your pets. Worse still, this danger exists even in places you might consider “safe” from tick bites, like your back yard.

Alarmingly, there seem to be more ticks in more places than ever before; with tick populations growing each and every year. This is why getting rid of ticks from your lawn and landscape is an important way to reduce your risk of infection.

In this Guide to Tick Control, you’ll find out what measures you can take to make your property tick-safe; and how to deal with a tick problem if you do discover one. You’ll also learn about the life cycle of ticks, the health risks they pose and what technology exists to deal with them.