Tick Control in Chelsea Heights, New Jersey 08401

Tick Control in Chelsea Heights, New Jersey 08401

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Chelsea Heights is located right in the heart of Atlantic City, on an island intersected by North Albany Avenue. It’s a neighborhood of beautiful houses with large gardens, and homeowners are often surprised to discover that they live in an area with a higher-than-average incidence of tick bites and Lyme disease.

The reason for this is west of Chelsea Heights – a stretch of undeveloped wetland which serves as the perfect breeding ground for ticks. A massive amount of wildlife lives in that stretch, and they’ll often journey into the yards and gardens of Chelsea Heights residents, and deposit Lyme-infected ticks as they do so.


Tick Control in Chelsea Heights, New Jersey 08401

  • Risk Factor: Ixodes Scapularis ticks carrying b. burgdorferi (Lyme disease), babesia microti (bebesiosis) bacterium and Rickettsia rickettsii (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever)


  1. Small mammals and birds are some of the primary vectors for Lyme-infected ticks in Chelsea Heights. Using Damminix tick tubes can help mitigate the danger posed by the mice and small animals.
  2. Owning a dog, or installing bird scarers, can help reduce the number of birds than land on your property and deposit infected ticks there.
  3. A yard spray for ticks can help eliminate ticks at all stages of their life-cycle. Call Aspenn Environmental Services to discuss your tick control options – call our New Jersey office on 1-888-881-BUGS (2847) to discuss which one works best for you.